Commercial Polished Concrete

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Commercial Polished Concrete

Concrete polishing has changed the game for commercial settings. Running your business is hard enough. What shouldn’t be hard is picking the right flooring option that will complement your business, be durable, and cost-effective. Houston concrete polishing company has been helping businesses install polished concrete floors for over a decade. Our expertise and commitment to our clients have made us the go-to company for concrete polishing services. Polished concrete flooring is achieved when heavy-duty machines are used to grind the concrete over and over again until it has the desired degree of shine and smoothness.

Benefits of

Commercial Polished Concrete


Business owners have to worry about a lot of things, polished concrete floors mean one less thing to worry about. This is because it can withstand heavy foot traffic, machine traffic, extreme temperatures, and whatever is thrown at it.

Easy to maintain

Polished concrete floors don’t trap dust, dirt, or allergen. Routine sweeping and mopping would be just fine. This reduces the cost of maintenance.


There is the misconception that polished concrete floors are slippery. Far from likely. The higher the gloss finish of concrete floors, the less slippery it is. This is because it has a high coefficient of friction.


Compared to other floors such as tiles, vinyl, flagstones, etc, polished concrete is way affordable. Plus since it’s durable and requires low maintenance, this means more return on your investment.


To achieve polished concrete floors, harsh chemicals and sealants aren’t used. This makes it safe for the environment. Plus, it doesn’t trap dirt, dust, and allergens.

Highly Reflective

Polished concrete produces a mirror-like finish. This enhances the overall look of your industrial building.

Highly Customizable

You can customize your polished concrete floors just how you want them. There is a variety of colors, designs, and finishing options you can choose from.

Polished Concrete Office Floors

Office floors are always going to get a lot of foot traffic. If it’s not the staff, then it’s likely clients or the janitors with all their fancy pieces of equipment. To withstand that amount of traffic, durable polished concrete floors are highly recommended. They are not just durable, but aesthetically appealing. You can use polished concrete flooring right from your office lobby, to offices, bathrooms, cafeteria, and every other area you deem fit.

Polished Concrete Gym Floors

If you have been considering polished concrete flooring for your gym, we say go for it. Yes, there are a lot of other flooring options that will be equally as perfectly such as epoxy flooring, but it all boils down to the result you want to achieve. Polished concrete floors are ideal for withstanding the heavy foot and machine traffic that can be found in gyms. Since this flooring type is anti-scratch and anti-chip, don’t worry your pretty head thinking your gym equipment will damage your floors. Plus the reflective and mirror-like finish enhances the overall appearance of your gym.

Car Dealership Polished Concrete floors

The first thing people notice, when they walk into your car automobile showroom is your floor. You know why? Those flashy cars are always going to contrast the floors and make them easily noticeable. The least you can do is install high-quality polished concrete floors that enhance the overall look and feel of your showroom. Combine your flashy cars, and a mirror-like floor, you got yourself a winning combo.

Cafe and RestAurant Polished Concrete floors

Your food and coffee might be fantastic, but you should know that people don’t just pay for those, they also pay for an overall great experience. Having an eye-catchy and stunning floor can be part of that experience. Polished concrete floors make your restaurant or cafe instantly classy. If you cant afford more expensive flooring options such as marble or granite, this is an awesome alternative that is affordable. Polished concrete floors don’t retain stain easily. So you can worry less about water, oil, or coffee pouring on the floor. Since it’s a green flooring system and is free from toxins and harsh chemicals, you’re giving your customers class at the same time keeping them safe. Let’s not forget you spend less time cleaning the floor, as it doesn’t hold dust or dirt.

Concrete Polished Hotel Floors

As much as the beauty of your hotel starts with the exterior, you should never trade the interiors too, beginning with your hotel lobby. Installing polished concrete in the entryway and hotel lobby speaks one thing - class. You can also install polished concrete in your hallways and rooms to complement and give off a cohesive look. For hotels, the durability of polished concrete makes it capable to withstand heavy foot traffic, particularly if your hotel is a busy one. Floor maintenance for hotels is usually a top priority and it can be expensive trying to keep your floors shiny and bright. Polished concrete reduces the cost of maintaining your floors.

Healthcare Facilities Polished concrete floors

Polished concrete flooring is just as ideal for healthcare facilities such as hospitals. The lobby and hallways of these facilities can reflect a high-gloss finish that polished concrete offers. As durable as concrete floors, we don’t recommend that they are used in laboratories or other areas of the hospital where chemicals are easily spilled. Flooring options such as epoxy, are ideal for those areas as epoxy floors are chemical resistant.

What about other

commercial environments?

Polished concrete can be used in just about any commercial setting. This further includes:



Retail stores


And lots more.

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