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Got questions about concrete polishing? Find answers to frequently asked questions below.

Yes, rough floors can be polished. Although, it requires surface preparation or concrete resurfacing before the actual polishing. Preparing the surface for polishing ensures that the concrete is smooth, rid of dirt, blemishes, and other coatings. This gives the concrete the desired result after the polishing.
Yes. Usually, before polishing, we will need to prepare the surface and get it cleaned. To remove the adhesive from vinyl, we will use an adhesive removal grinding tool. All floors are not the same, so depending on the layers of flooring, different types of grinding tools are used.

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Polished concrete floors are safe. Although, most floors can get slippery when wet, however, even when the floors are wet, polished concrete floors have more slip resistance compared to linoleum tiles or other engineered floor coatings.
Polished concrete floors require low maintenance. This doesn’t mean however that they should be neglected. To maintain a polished concrete floor, broom sweep daily to prevent dirt from accumulating. You should also mop it at least weekly with a mild solution to prevent the build-up of smudges and grease.
Polished concrete floors are durable (lasting for over 10-12 years), and affordable compared to other flooring options like tiles and vinyl flooring. It can withstand heavy traffic, which makes it suitable for both industrial and commercial environments. It is beautiful and attractive, and it’s not prone to damages, scratches, or chips. Let’s not forget about low maintenance.



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